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One of the past year’s greatest political victories is that net neutrality — a slightly wonky name for a set of rules governing which companies can send which traffic at which speed from which carrier — has become a hot enough political topic to draw millions of messages to the FCC, Congress, and the White House. So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s now a video game about fighting an evil ISP intent on throttling your traffic. What’s more surprising is that it’s actually fun. Parkour open world games Downward is a first-person parkour game in development at Paracal Games Studio, which was kind enough to send over a link to the nifty debut trailer you see below.

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We’ve seen games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Death Stranding, and Spiderman give us enormous worlds that are fun and engaging to navigate with good traversal systems to support. So why can’t Assassin’s Creed have an expansive open-world format and engaging movement? Because Ubisoft has yet to adapt the movement system to fit the new, colossal game worlds of the newer titles. If there’s no plan for a renaissance in the world design department, then there is at least one aspect that must change: the movement system. Colorful Rotation 2 Parkour UK aims to support and develop parkour/freerunning in the UK, and to make the benefits of the sport accessible to any and all who want to learn. Parkour UK will always strive to maintain and improve the spirit of the sport/discipline.


You can check out the first gameplay teaser for Welkin Road just below. Follow The Verge online: The guiding ethos of all this is something like "Mirror’s Edge, but more so." It’s adding elements that everyone looked for in the short original game, while letting players choose to challenge themselves as much or as little as they want. There’s also an interesting sandbox feature that lets you create and publish your own courses by placing checkpoints around the world. Many people probably won’t bother with these, but for those who are deeply invested in the skill set that Mirror’s Edge builds, it’s a nice touch.

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Some of the issues with Mirror's Edge's parkour have never been adequately addressed in a first-person action game, so here's hoping the indie developers behind God's Trigger and Warlocks Vs Shadows have figured out the secret sauce. Launching Visual Studio Code What’s interesting about 404Sight is the elegant way it changes this from an incidental hint tool to a central mechanic. Pinging your environment lets you see fast lanes, but it also opens you up to damage from the drones’ slow lanes. Throttling doesn’t just slow you down, it drains your bandwidth and eventually kicks you offline. It also self-consciously avoids the black-and-neon palette of a stereotypical cyberpunk game. "We were trying to kind of steer away from the Tron look, that's kind of been overdone," says artist Rachel Leiker. "So we decided to go with a kind of brighter, more electric sort of feel."